2004 IEEE Radar Conference

Innovative Radar Technologies - Expanding System Capabilities

 April 26-29, 2004 Wyndham Philadelphia at Franklin Plaza Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Tutorial 1.1
Introduction to Radar

Mr. Michael R. Ducoff - Lockheed Martin MS2

Mon, 26 April 2004, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Fundamental radar system concepts will be developed in this four-hour tutorial session. Each topic will be illustrated using a worked example. The selection of topics and the analysis approach are based on the first two chapters of David K. Barton, Modern Radar System Analysis, Artech House, Inc., Norwood, MA, 1988. Topics to be discussed will include: radar principles; radar functions; radar frequency bands; pulse radar operation; radar block diagrams; radar measurements; one-way transmission equation; radar range equation; internal and external noise sources; system noise temperature definition and evaluation; matched filter properties; signal-to-noise ratio definition and interpretation; signal-to-noise ratio equations for pulsed radars; pattern-propagation factor; loss factors for the radar range equation; radar range equation example; solution for maximum detection range; detection and false alarm probabilities; detectability factor; maximum detection range evaluation using the Blake chart; maximum detection range example; and references for further study.

This Tutorial has a recommended book:

?Modern Radar Systems Analysis?, David K. Barton, Artech House, 1988.

You may order this book at a 15% discount and free shipping by contacting Dudley Kay at Scitech Publishing, 919-866-1501, or email dkay@scitechpub.com. Please order the book no later than April 15, 2004 in order to receive it before leaving for the conference (before April 23rd).


Mr. Michael R. Ducoff - Lockheed Martin MS2

Michael R. Ducoff is a principal member of the engineering staff at Lockheed Martin Maritime Sensors & Systems (MS2) in Moorestown, New Jersey. He received a BS EE from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and an MS EE from Syracuse University. His primary areas of concentration are radar system and subsystem design and radar system integration and test. He has taught the material in this tutorial since 1992 in the Lockheed Martin Continuing Education Program at Moorestown.

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