2004 IEEE Radar Conference

Innovative Radar Technologies - Expanding System Capabilities

 April 26-29, 2004 Wyndham Philadelphia at Franklin Plaza Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Session 3A.4
Enhancement of Backprojection SAR Imagery Using Digital Spotlight Preprocessing

Lam H Nguyen - Army Research Laboratory, Marc Ressler - Army Research Lab, David Wong - Army Research Lab, Mehrdad Soumekh - M. Soumekh Consultant & Department of Electrical Engineering, SUNY-Buffalo

Tue, 27 April 2004, 1:30 PM - 3:20 PM


This paper examines signal processing methods for improving fidelity of backprojection SAR imagery using a preprocessing method that suppresses Doppler aliasing as well as other side lobe artifacts that are introduced by the radar radiation pattern. The algorithm, known as digital spotlighting, imposes a filtering scheme on the azimuth-compressed SAR data, and manipulates the resultant spectral data to achieve a higher PRF to suppress the Doppler aliasing. The merits of the algorithm are studied using the ARL Boom-SAR data.


Mr. Lam H Nguyen - Army Research Laboratory

Mr. Lam H. Nguyen received the BSEE, MSEE, and MSCS degrees from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, VA; George Washington University, Washington, DC; and John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, respectively. He started his career with General Electric Company from 1984 to 1985. He has been with the Army Research Lab and its predecessor organization, Harry Diamond Labs, from 1986 to the present. He has been primarily engaged in the research and development of ultra-wide-band (UWB) radars. His primary research interests include digital signal processing and algorithm development

Mr. Marc Ressler - Army Research Lab

Marc Ressler received BSEE from University of Maryland and MSEE from University of Michigan. He is currently with the Army Research Laboratory.

Mr. David Wong - Army Research Lab

David Wong received BSEE from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and MSEE from Johns Hopkins University. He is currently with the Army Research Laboratory.

Dr. Mehrdad Soumekh - M. Soumekh Consultant & Department of Electrical Engineering, SUNY-Buffalo

Dr. Mehrdad Soumekh received Bachelor and Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering from University of Minnesota. He is currently with the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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